It’s been 20 years since Cassandra Brayboy (Cassy) made the move from New York City to South Carolina, and she’s loved every minute of it. We don’t get to meet many female electricians, so when we do, we have to tell their story. 

It all started as a hobby, Cassy used to help her friends and ladies at the church with all of their electrical needs. From hanging ceiling fans for church members to helping her neighbors with wiring, Cassy had a passion for using her skills to help others. After working for the local school district as an electrician, Cassy decided to venture out into starting her own business. 

“She’s the Head Honcho Around Here”

Jhylin is Cassy’s granddaughter, and office sidekick. She’s loved seeing her grandmother start her own business, and it’s been exciting for her to work with both her grandmother and best friend Stephanie. Jhylin said they’re the “paper pushers” for the business, but we know they do a lot more than just that to help Cassy run her business. Really the whole family is involved, and they’re all happy to help.

Rocking & Rolling Through The Pandemic

Last year was definitely a year many small businesses struggled through. However, Cassy and her team have been very lucky with how busy they’ve managed to stay. “We haven’t missed a beat in 2020”, Jhylin told us. People are home more often than they used to and they’re figuring out what they want to get done, and what Cassy can help them with. The team is trying to keep up with the demand, all while growing and excelling. 

The Only Woman in the Room Most of the Time

Being a female electrician in a primarily male dominated industry can definitely bring it’s challenges. Still, that doesn’t stop Cassy and her team from continuing to grow their business. As Jhylin said, Cassy is “the only lady out here kicking butt”. What they’re doing is working too, they’ve been nominated for numerous small business awards and have all of the support of their community to keep on going. 

“You Hire, We Wire” 

Cassy Electric began out of Cassy’s trunk, and they definitely have grown since. The secret to a successful business? Treat your customers like family, and they’ll treat you like family. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your business, and it’s what’s provided Cassy with the support she’s needed to continue expanding her business. They aren’t going anywhere, and if you need an electrician in Greenville, South Carolina, you know who to call.

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