Denise Nembhard started her career as a medical technologist. She later went back to school and got her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Today she is fifty percent partner, and acting CEO of DeLei Ventures, a small business with a niche for non-profits. 

Helping Organizations 

“We like to consider ourselves a way to enhance your resources, without actually having to add the people,” Denise said. Flat organizational structures are typical with non-profits, which usually means one person is wearing multiple hats when it comes to role responsibilities. DeLei Ventures goes in and evaluates what the needs of these businesses and organizations are, and then gameplans the rest. They provide all types of services from accounting, strategic planning, to leadership training, and more. 

“I took my administrative skills to my church, and eventually became the CFO there,” Denise told us. She started the business part-time in 2012, it wasn’t until the last couple of years that she decided she would take the business on as a full-time role. 

Giving Back To The Community 

After working for her church, Denise went to her husband and said, “Why don’t I do this as a consultant?” What was first going to be her retirement job, opened up opportunities to help other organizations in the community that could benefit from what Denise had to offer. Denise had years of experience in different roles helping all types of organizations understand the backend logistics to run their business. She knew she could do more by consulting, and her family was supportive of her decision. “I felt that I  had skills that I could give back and this was my way of giving back,” she said. 

Growing Through Change 

We asked Denise how Covid-19 affected the needs of the organizations she works with,  and she told us their needs increased. 

After realizing there was a huge demand for HR amongst these organizations, Denise decided to get SHRM certified in Human Resources. “As long as I have the strength and  the ability to do it, I should give back,” Denise said. When the pandemic hit last year,  organizations needed help navigating through things like the CARES Act, unemployment  benefits & PPP loans. The relationships Denise has with her clients allows her to provide  as much support and value to these businesses as needed.

Advice From An Expert 

We asked Denise what advice she would give to someone who doesn’t like to experience change. She responded with, “I always compare life to a river. It’s constantly moving, constantly changing. If it doesn’t, it becomes stagnant and it stinks. You as an individual and as an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to constantly go over the rocks, and constantly move in the direction the river goes.” Change isn’t always comfortable, but it’s what pushes you to the next level. Denise is the perfect example of what taking a chance and being willing to adapt looks like when it comes to a life full of challenges that ultimately lead to success. “If I had stuck with what I thought, at the age of 25, the picture of my life would be, I wouldn’t have achieved any of the things that I have achieved.”

DeLei Ventures knows every successful business needs an efficient and effective “back office”, the unseen processes and people that make everything click. That’s why they’re passionate about what they do and are ready to help your organization reach its goals.

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