Chat with customers around the clock.

In the post-pandemic “new normal”, it’s more important than ever that businesses take every opportunity to increase online leads and interact with customers digitally.

That’s why we’re offering the FreshLime Customer Connection package to small businesses today!

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Turn Conversations Into Customers

Grow your business, connect with customers, and drive transactions around the clock with our automated Webchat Assistant.

Increase conversations

Whether it’s on your website or your online listing, through chat, text or email, our super-intelligent Webchat Assistant Platform increases the number of conversations people have with your business.

Save money

Our automated Webchat Assistant gathers leads, grows your business, and talks to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all without needing to add (and pay for) additional staff.

Grow your business

Never miss an opportunity to book an appointment with someone looking for your services. With FreshLime, you can collect leads while you sleep—making your business more available to customers than ever before, whenever and wherever they’re searching.

Never miss a conversation with your customers

Our Customer Connection Platform™ works around the clock to bring your business new leads. Using automated, data-driven chat messages, FreshLime engages with current and future customers when they’re ready to talk.

Automated chatbots built with SMBs in mind | FreshLime Customer Connection Platform™

24/7 availability

Don’t make your customers wait. Our automated, data-driven platform talks to your customers in real-time—even when you’re away from your office or phone.

Data-driven logic

Automatically answers your customers’ frequently asked questions like, “What are your hours?” or, “How do I get a quote?” using our Webchat Assistant platform.

Hassle-free lead and opt-in capture

Our super-intelligent Webchat Assistant can collect your prospect’s emails and phone numbers to build your opt-in marketing database all by itself. No human required.

Real-time notifications

Get notified when someone interacts with the Webchat Assistant on your website via text message. Plus, see a full transcript of the conversation sent to your email inbox, or access it directly in your account dashboard.


of customers would rather message a business than call a business*


over 183 BILLION messages are sent every single day


of businesses are NOT equipped to message their customers via webchat**

* Twilio: Understand How Consumers Use Messaging, Global Messaging Consumer Report 2016

**21 Reasons Live Chat Can Help You Grow Your Business