Myth: Website visitors who have no option for chat are more likely to convert.

Fact: Website visitors who chat are 7.5x more likely to convert into customers.


People love personalized interactions. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, understood and taken care of. Allowing your customers to chat with your business any time of day or night provides those feelings of appreciation for them. This doesn’t mean that you pretend the bots are humans, because that could lead to some real frustrations. Online chat features for websites are simply there to answer basic questions, respond to common feedback and gather contact information so the customer knows an employee will be reaching out to them as soon as possible. 


The numbers don’t lie: when your website offers a chat feature and you have the proper features in place, your business is over SEVEN times as likely to turn visitors into customers than your competitors who don’t provide this option. You can surpass your customers expectations easily by allowing them to have simple conversations with your business at their convenience. 

FreshLime’s Messenger product provides your customers the option to chat with your business 24/7, 365. Business owners can view the entire chat conversation, as well as access the customer data that was captured from the interaction. If you want your website conversions to increase, while beating out your competitors, schedule a free demo today!



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