Consumer consciousness matters more than ever now that businesses are adapting to the demands of our new normal. With how fast things have changed over the last few months, it’s important to have customers be able to recognize and remember your brand. If you don’t check in with your customers, they won’t be checking out with your business.

Can Your Customers Recognize Your Brand? 

At the core of customer loyalty is brand awareness. The phrase “top of mind, top of branding” refers to the recognition and acknowledgement of a business. The more a customer is able to recognize or remember your brand, the higher your chances are of keeping them as a customer. One of the easiest ways to build brand loyalty is by simply checking in with your customers. Connecting with your customers will make it easier for your brand to be top of mind. 

Different Ways to Check In

Research shows that it can cost five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. An easier way to attract customers? Check-in with your current and previous customers! Customer retention can be more effective than customer acquisition, especially with how easy it is to communicate with your current customer base. Here are some ways you can check in with customers: 

  • Email newsletters to your email list 
  • Send messages to your customers via text 
  • Post on your social media platforms 

For more ideas on how to check in with your customers, check out this blog post: Creative Ways to Engage with Customers & Make Them Fall in Love with Your Business. 

Brand Awareness Matters 

There are 63,000 searches completed per second, which translates to over 150 billion searches per month. It takes one decision to choose your brand and make one less search. With brand awareness, you don’t have to worry about your customers ever choosing any other business but yours. The only catch? If you don’t check-in, they won’t check out.

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