Choose Stretching, Over Stressing

Byron Elton had a very successful career in the television and media industry for over forty years. He worked for major media companies, including AOL back in the year 2000. After retiring years later, he experienced his first ever professional stretch at a studio called StretchLab. The experience was so incredible that he decided he wanted to do more with the business, including owning studios himself. 

Professional Stretching 

So what exactly does StretchLab do? StretchLab was created to help increase flexibility, range of motion, and energy in people regardless of their age, body type, or fitness level! Byron’s first experience with a Flexologist was the reason he decided to pursue a career with StretchLab, and he was actually one of the very first franchisees of StretchLab. “The idea was this should be available for everyone,” Byron said. He was totally right, StretchLab would become a service everyone could benefit from. 

It’s Not Only For Professional Athletics 

“Our members get all of the benefits without having to play for the Los Angeles Lakers,” Byron told us. Professional athletes utilize one on one assisted stretching as part of their physical care regime all the time. “Flexibility is one of the most important elements of anybody’s wellness journey,” Byron said, and now it’s available to everyone.

No two bodies are the same and no two stretches at StretchLab are ever the same. One-on-one stretching is about identifying tightness and imbalances in your body and customizing a stretch routine that is just for you. It’s also a great way to let go of stress your body is holding on to, and helps increase your flexibility. 

From Media Guru to Business Owner 

We asked Byron what his experience was going from his media career to a brick and mortar store and he replied, “I thought I was a hard worker before, I had no idea what was coming.” Owning a small business is no easy task for anyone. Still, Byron has managed to open a couple of studios in the Los Angeles County area, with plans of opening more locations in the near future. “Successful companies provide a service that makes a difference in the lives of their customers,” he said. This was evident when Byron worked for AOL and their focus was on creating a greater experience for their customers than the alternative option did. Though things have changed over the years, the simple truth of providing a service or product that makes a difference in other people’s lives still serves to be true when building a successful business. 

Relevancy Is Huge

We’ve all received targeted messaging from businesses we’ve interacted with. There’s lots of different ways to sell a product or service, but in today’s world it’s all about relevancy. Byron experienced the evolution of business interactions over the years, and he told us, “the sooner the interaction, the better.” With how competitive the market is right now for all industries, it’s important to make customer interactions both efficient and convenient. That is ultimately the name of the game, and Byron knows it. 

FreshLime also knows how difficult it can be for business owners to interact with customers and be available 24/7. That’s why we focus on making interactions with leads and customers convenient through text, chat, and email – all organized in one place. 

For one on one assisted stretching and group stretch classes in a fun, open and communal environment, visit Byron and his team at StretchLab in Santa Monica, Venice, or Valencia!


To find out how your business can benefit from FreshLime just like StretchLab has, set up a free 15-minute demo today!


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