Before 2020 most business owners already knew that 80% customers preferred to receive texts and emails and WebChats over phone calls and traditional ways to connect. Now in 2021 it’s even more prevalent and important for your business to have the modern interaction tools needed to build loyal customer relationships and grow revenue. 

That’s why FreshLime just added a few killer features to our customer interaction software to make modern interaction convenient and effective between any business and their customers.

As of today, with FreshLime’s Customer Interaction Platform, you can now:

  • Text prospects and customers back that WebChat you so the conversation can continue on the customers mobile device
  • Make a business’ landline textable so prospects and customers can text if they prefer that to a phone call (and as we mentioned above the stats say that 80% would do anything rather than call!)

Here are a few videos to give you the gist:

WebChat to text:–dop0iKhM2Y4vx3ck-mu/view?usp=sharing

Texting from a landline into the FreshLime dashboard:

Want a live demo for yourself? In less than 15 minutes we can show you how to master the art of interacting with your customers so they will love your business!

Set up a time on our calendar HERE to see FreshLime’s customer interaction tools in action.

Convenient customer interaction is about to get cooler than ever. Come join the ride!


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