As a business owner, you likely know the importance of having loyal customers. You depend on your customers to keep your business going, and losing them to a competitor should be out of the question. So the question is: How can you make it so your customers stick around instead of leaving you for someone else?

Meet Their Needs

When a customer comes to you with a problem, it’s your job to fix it for them. You know that, and certainly you want to help with their issues- but often times work doesn’t get completed in the time frame promised, or exactly as explained. When you are working on a service for one of your customers, be sure to meet the need exactly as you said you would. Accomplishing the task in the time promised and with close attention to detail will keep your customers coming back to you, because they know you are willing to meet their needs.

Exhibit Good Customer Service

This is obvious, right? However, all too often people run low on time and patience and take it out on their customers. Be open, honest, personable and friendly when working with your customers. They should always feel like they can turn to you with questions about your expertise, and that they will get a good, fair deal. If you see something that could be a future problem for them while you are completing a job, let them know ASAP. Doing so, along with being friendly, will go a long way when it comes to creating loyal customers.

Engage Frequently

Customer engagement is talked about frequently, because it’s just that important. You really can’t keep customers around if you’re not engaging with them regularly and ensuring that your business is fresh on their minds. You want to be the business they turn to, so let them know you’re still around and ready to help by engaging with them! You can do this via email, text message or even snail mail… but however you do it, engaging with those customers of yours is sure to build relationships, keep you fresh on their minds, and keep them coming back!

Be the Expert

You are the expert, after all. Make sure you show your customers just how knowledgeable and able to help you are each time you work with them. Being the expert means explaining what you’re doing, answering their questions, and being available for future needs. You work hard, and it’s important that you show off that hard work and knowledge to your loyal customers!

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