Last November FreshLime acquired Dasheroo and the power of dashboards for our small business customers became a reality, changing the way that they looked at their business. While Dasheroo provides the valuable analytics behind a small businesses marketing efforts, FreshLime takes it to another level by putting action behind the insights to make companies more profitable, dramatically increase sales, improve online reviews and obtain more quality referrals. Dasheroo brings you business performance metrics from all your favorite applications on one beautiful free dashboard. Check it out here. Now – here’s why that’s important:

Know the Purpose

When it comes to creating a dashboard for your business, you need to know the purpose and understand the importance. If you know your purpose for having a data dashboard, you are better able to track the metrics that matter most to your business. If you run a business that only works on house calls, you likely won’t need to track the amount of foot traffic coming through your door, etc. Knowing your purpose is the first step in creating a perfect dashboard for your business’ data.

Make it User Friendly

You’re the user, so why not make this a little easier on yourself? Creating the perfect data dashboard means making a dashboard that is user-friendly and easy to understand. You are busy and you don’t want to waste time trying to sort through a messy dashboard. Save yourself time and stress by ensuring you are using a dashboard that is easy to follow.

Make it Organized

Ensuring that your data dashboard is organized not only contributes to it being user-friendly, but it also helps to make sure nothing is being lost or neglected. You want to focus on the right metrics and you don’t want to lose any important data in the process. Organize your data, or find a dashboard that will organize it for you, and save yourself the headache that comes with losing and neglecting important business metrics!

Use the Data

This is probably the most important, and least followed rule of any data dashboard. When you figure out the metrics you want to track and being tracking, you have extremely valuable information at your fingertips! This data will help you grow your business, if you just know how to use it. Use your data for product expansion, customer engagement, marketing, etc. and you will be in great shape. Don’t spend your time creating an awesome dashboard, only to have it be useless to your business. Use your data… grow your business, it’s that simple!

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