Back to School is another opportunity for companies to put together coupons, deals and cool campaigns – because afterall, we do love a good reason to celebrate in our capitalist society don’t we:)? But how do you stand out amongst the crowd and especially if your business has nothing to do with kids going back to school? Here are some really cool ways companies are doing it that we love!

Say it in graphics – TP-Link

Even if you don’t sell personal wifi devices then using graphics are the perfect way to relate to students for Back to School. What’s even better than a good infographic? A socially-engaging one. TP-Link ran this campaign as a social engagement project and asked people to retweet if they agreed with the priorities in the pyramid. And if they didn’t? Retweet what they would be instead. Virally brilliant.

Give Back Like Staples and Katy Perry

OK first of all, we know you aren’t Staples or Katy Perry so you are probably thinking that this idea is unattainable. NOT TRUE! There are local charities all over your local community that can use a helping hand! What about doing a little promo and even shooting a video with them and pledging to give 25% of all your profits in the month of September to that charity? Choosing one that’s related to education makes it even more relatable for a Back 2 School campaign. We are a big fan of charitable giving and especially for local, geographically-tied businesses because it’s feel-good exposure for everyone. Winning all around.


Take Away the Stress – Dormify

If you have kids in school you know how stressful back to school time can be. Your kids need school supplies, new clothes, and a schedule that didn’t exist during the summer to be successful. So why not center your messaging around the fact that your service will take away the stress during this crazy time of year? For example, if you own a plumbing business, you might want to run ads with language like “Getting your kids back to school is stressful enough – the last thing you need is clogged toilets to slow you down! $25 off any service the month of September” Accompany that coupon in an email or a text to specific neighborhoods so you can organize your schedule by territory.

Simple language in your ads can help your target customers know that you care about what they care about and what they are going through.

Be Charitable 

Unless you have been hiding behind a rock you know that Houston and other parts of Southern TX were devastated by Hurricane Harvey, a tropical storm that turned into a Category 4 hurricane and flooded homes, businesses, and huge areas of Texas. These people need help. Get charitable and offer to donate a portion of sales to Hurricane Harvey victims. A little bit goes a long way in helping others with your small business.

As always, we would love to hear your ideas on what’s working for your small business around Back2School! Put your comments here or connect with us on social – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram