Now that we’re fast-approaching the holidays and the new year, it’s time for businesses to start brainstorming customer appreciation gifts. When it comes to showing customers appreciation, there are some ideas that always work. Even though we’re using the term ‘gifts’, not all of these tokens of appreciation toward your customers cost money. 

The awesome thing about the month of November is that Thanksgiving time is really the perfect time of year to connect with your customers through a gift of appreciation. The cliché “it’s the thought that counts” is very accurate, especially when it comes to the business/customer relationship that you’ve worked so hard to build. Any effort a business makes to appreciate their customer won’t go unnoticed, but we have some ideas of customer appreciation gift ideas that always work:

Offer a Discount on a Future Service

We all love discounts, right? Your customers would love an email or text from you that contains a coupon or discount for a future service as a token of your appreciation. Let them know that you are grateful to them for using your business and bring them back through the door by offering a deal. Customer appreciation is a bigger deal now than it was in the past, and businesses need to get creative in order to bring customers back. 

Send out a Digital $5 Starbucks Gift Card for a Pick-Me-Up

Everyone could use a little pick-me-up right now during this pandemic. A cheap way to appreciate some of your most loyal customers during the cold seasons is by sending them a $5 gift card to Starbucks (or something similar.) It’s not a lot of money on each card, but it’s enough to get a drink and feel appreciated, and that’s what matters most to your customers. 

Free T-Shirts (or Other Branded Apparel)

Advertising for you and a free gift for your customers. A true win-win. Whether it’s a cheap t-shirt with your logo or a mug or magnet, people love to get something free. A simple gift like a branded item sent out to your customers as a “holiday gift” to show your appreciation will be received well by your loyal customers. 

A Letter of Gratitude

Many businesses are struggling a great deal right now thanks to COVD-19. If your business is one that doesn’t have the means to offer monetary rewards or gifts to its customers, that’s no problem! You can still give the gift of customer appreciation through a letter of gratitude. This costs nothing on your end, but could be even more meaningful than a gift that does cost money. Tell your customers why you’re thankful for them and how important they are to you and your business. People love to feel appreciated, and a letter of gratitude is a great way to do just that. 

There are so many ways to offer gifts to show your customer appreciation that won’t break the bank for your business. During these tough times that we’re experiencing, everyone could use a little positivity and friendly gestures, and that will go a long way for your business in creating a lasting relationship with its customers

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