Announcing the Coronavirus Customer Connection Resource Hub


No one could have anticipated how the Coronavirus would impact everything in our world–from schools to businesses to basic, everyday communication and contact with others. Almost overnight, it seemed, small businesses were forced to shift almost everything about how they operated, and most are still reeling from the changes.


At the heart of all this change is an intense worry about what the future will bring and how businesses will continue to stay open through the course of the pandemic.


At FreshLime, we know that the worry and uncertainty for business owners has added undue stress. With that in mind, we’ve created the Coronavirus Customer Connection Resource Hub to provide businesses with the resources and information they need to navigate these unstable times when it comes to communicating and connecting with their current and future customers.


The question we’ve heard the most is, “How do I communicate with my customers if they can’t come in the door?” The answer is technology. Luckily, we live in a day where 90% of consumers prefer to communicate via text and chat. Businesses that have shifted to this mode of communication are already ahead of the game. But for those who haven’t, it’s not as difficult as they may think to adapt.


The Coronavirus Customer Connection Resource Hub provides businesses with ideas on how to communicate with customers via chat, text, and email. It also contains guides and effective email templates you can use to send your own Covid-19 policies and procedures, reassuring your customers that you are still in businesses and are taking all necessary measures and precautions to keep them and your employees safe. 


For those businesses who don’t yet have webchat on their websites, you can find a free version here that will not only provide your customers with your Covid-19 messaging, but will allow you to continue communicating with your customers in a way that is comfortable and safe. Losing face-to-face contact doesn’t have to mean losing business.


Check out the Coronavirus Customer Connection Resource Hub often for updated content and articles that will give you the latest in best practices, business ideas, information, tips and trips, and how to take care of both yourself and your business during these unpredictable times. 

Remember, with technology, conversations don’t have to stop. Let us help you continue to connect with your customers.


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