When FreshLime first met Uncle Harry he had a great foundation of a solid business. His successful online appliance repair school had thousands of students and graduates that have built thriving appliance repair businesses all over the country using his techniques for set up and growth. Even with all that business success, he still had a major small business marketing issue that was keeping him up at night, however. Customer Engagement.
The Problem
With thousands of students in his database, both past, active and not yet enrolled, Uncle Harry needed a better way to connect with them, remind them about business opportunities, and educate them about changes in the industry. He wasn’t able to find a system that helped him keep on top of this communication, while remembering key facts about each individual customer to make them feel cared about and catered to.
The Solution
When Uncle Harry met FreshLime his customer engagement issues were solved. FreshLime’s powerful engagement platform transformed his customer data into action points that helped him with relevant, timely and targeted communications that brought him a 4x ROI on FreshLime in less than a month.
With FreshLime’s Customer Engagement Platform
  • Using Uncle Harry’s customer data, FreshLime generated a customized action plan that drove 300% enrollment in online classes in less than a month.
  • Specific customer engagement FreshLime data points led Uncle Harry to to a 67% increase in repeat business month over month.
  • Catering customer messages using unique, past customer data, Uncle Harry received 50% more referrals in one month than he ever had before.

In Harry’s own words “The FreshLime platform has made a huge difference in my sales growth. Engaging with past and present customers has always been important to me – whether through text, phone, e-mail or on social media. FreshLime was able to give me great insights into each customer so our engagement became much more meaningful every time.”

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