Keeping your customers satisfied is crucial to keeping your business alive. Customers are the key to keeping your business running and thriving. Whether they remain lifelong customers because of their satisfaction with you, or they spread the word of your good work to their friends, they are the key!

Here are some rules to live by when it comes to customer service:
Don’t be too busy for your customers.
When a customer calls you or if you’re dealing with them face-to-face, be sure to let them feel that they’re your top priority. Don’t get distracted by co-workers, paperwork or your cell phone. Your customer deserves your undivided attention!

Be friendly.
Greet your customers warmly and with a smile. Ask them how their day is going. Don’t be afraid to be personable and get to know them while you’re speaking.

Give them something to talk about.
Make the customer’s experience memorable! Be outgoing, friendly and funny. Make jokes with your customer and greet them with their name. If each interaction with your business is positive, they can’t help but let others know!

Be Helpful.
This sounds obvious, but it doesn’t come as easily as you’d think! The customer is coming to you because you provide them with a service that they need assistance with.  If there are quick tips you can give your customer before ending the conversation, do so! If you can go the extra mile for them and make them feel like you went above and beyond to help them, don’t hesitate to make that happen.

Being good to your customers is the only way a business can survive. You’ve got to show them why your business is the best and why they should choose you time and time again.

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