Going the Extra Mile for Customers

Working hard for your customers is something you do everyday! It goes a long way to them when they feel that you went the extra mile. Doing a little extra for your customers makes a big difference to them, but doesn’t have to be a big ding to your business. Here’s what I mean:

  • Give them a verbal tip.
    Helping out your customer doesn’t mean giving them something free, or discount necessarily. Doing something as simple as providing your customer a tip for keeping up the work, or preventing certain issues in the future goes a long way. For example, if you cleaned someone’s windows, give him or her some tips for keeping them clean and how to protect them against weather. You could even let them know of something concerning you see that could cause a future issue. This lets them see that you are helpful and you care about them and your work.
  • Offer them a discount for future services.
    Tell your customer of any current specials you are running that they can use for a future service. Let them know of anything special you offer repeat customers or any follow-up deals your company offers. Sure, they could look on your website or social media pages and get this information, but why not make it easier for them and tell them right away? This is another thing that shows them that your company works hard to make and keep customers happy, and also that you’re on their side when it comes to saving money!
  • Leave the service area cleaner than when you got there.
    I don’t mean you should be sweeping a customer’s house when you go over. Instead, after you service someone’s furnace and you notice that you left fingerprints or that it’s dusty, just wipe it quickly with a rag that you brought.  This is quick and takes one second, but shows them that you respect their property and you clean up after yourself.
  • Tell the customer what you’ve done.
    If you don’t show or tell them of the extra work you did, they may think it was standard with the service provided. This isn’t meant to be a time to brag about what you did for them, but rather informational. Something like, “I noticed that there was some dirt/build up on the appliance I repaired, that could cause future issues so I scraped it off and wiped the area.” That way they know you were looking out for them and did something extra that wasn’t required, just to help.

Again, it’s not always giving something free that will keep your customers happy. Sometimes just something courteous and friendly that just takes a second will go a long way. Customers recognize when a business actually cares about them, and that trust is what forms lifelong customers!

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