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What industry generates nearly $30 billion dollars each year? If you guessed door to door sales, you’re right! Now, how do you get some of that $30 billion pie to come to you? Make life easier for your customers and potential customers and suddenly, you are on top of the D2D sales game. 

Why should businesses text customers?

Texting is the leader of the pack when it comes to making yourself more convenient for customers to work with. Texting makes it easy for customers to reach you where they want and on their own timeline. Showing your customers that you are available when they need you through text is a big part of customer satisfaction in our world full of technology, immediate responses and convenience.

Don’t take our word for it.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not implementing texting as a means of communication with your prospects and customers would help you generate more sales, consider these statistics:

  1. 81% of Americans say they text on a regular basis.
  2. The US is responsible for almost half of the world’s text messages.
  3. 78% of consumers want to communicate with businesses via text.
  4. Texting is the #1 highest rated communication method for overall customer satisfaction.
  5. Text messages have a 99% open rate.
  6. Over 95% of text messages will be read within three minutes of delivery.
  7. Text messages average a response rate of 45%.
  8. Texting is the most common cell phone activity.
  9. The average US adult spends 20+ hours per week texting. 
  10. Calls cost businesses several dollars per minute, while texting costs pennies per conversation. 

D2D sales is a billion dollar business.

If you aren’t getting your fair share of that tremendous amount of money, it’s time to explore options for making your sales methods more appealing and the best place to start is convenience. People value efficiency, simplicity and speedy service. Texting provides all of that between sales reps and their customers. 


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Texting stats source: https://www.localproject.net/docs/texting-stats/


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