Different generations require different marketing strategies and content from businesses like yours. There are so many people to market to, but not all of them are candidates that would even need your business. Why is that? Someone who doesn’t own a home, likely won’t be in the market for a plumber any time soon. Similarly, college students probably aren’t frequently looking for piano tuners, but they are big in the restaurant and bakery scene. Because of this, businesses need to know their target audience’s generation, and how to market to them. The generations in question right now are MillennialsGen X and Gen Y.

So, why is it that Different generations = Different marketing approaches?

Different Needs

As previously mentioned, different generations have different needs. Someone who is a millennial is likely a homeowner and a young-professionals. Gen Y-ers are probably in a similar position, but might be more… uhm.. Mature? Meanwhile, many Gen-Xers are retired or nearing their retirement and they probably aren’t interested in things that will make their work-life easier. Millennial needs focus on homes, further education, careers, and fun. Gen Y needs focus on homes as well, careers, and an emphasis on family. They likely have older children than the millennials do, so ads about being the parent of a toddler won’t strike their interest as much as ads about parenting teens and young adults. Gen X needs focus on family, relaxing, health and they probably aren’t interested in being fed marketing content and advertising about being a working professional.

Focusing on your followers’ needs and what your business could do for them is your key to success when it comes to marketing.

Different Interests

Because of the age difference and the popularity of different things throughout the generations, different generations of people typically have differing interests. Millennials are intrigued by memes, YouTube videos, and all things technology. Meanwhile, GenX-ers are more interested in news, politics and family-related messaging. Knowing your target audience’s interests is how you will know what type of content to share with them, and what messaging will peak their interest. Focus on relating to them and making them feel like you know them and their needs.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what your target age group of people are interested in, check out this helpful chart.

More Money for You

Marketing differently to different generations puts more money in your pocket. People are much more likely to use a business that speaks to them, that they feel they can relate to, and that understands their needs. If your social media pages are struggling, focus on catering your messaging and content to better reach your followers. By doing so, you are more likely to have followers interact with you and in turn, you’ll get more followers. More followers = more money for your business.

Knowing how to market to different generations is just as important as knowing which generation(s) your business should be targeting with your marketing efforts. Focus on writing valuable content and sharing it in places where it can be seen by those you want to reach. Don’t be afraid to test out several different marketing approaches in order to best understand what is working for your business.

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