Luck may play a role in some businesses, but don’t rely on it to be successful. Businesses should be communicating with customers regularly and the way customers want them to. Did you know that 95% of Text Messages are read within 3 minutes? If that isn’t incentive enough, keep in mind that texting is the most preferred method of communication in today’s world. Reach your customers when and how they want you to in order to create a loyal base.

Texting is the most preferred method of communication for people of all ages, so it’s important for businesses to utilize this form of communication to reach out to their customers – past, current and future. Businesses that rely on luck instead of customer communication are likely to fail. You might be wondering how your business can successfully engage with its customers. Let us help:

  • Utilize texting to reach out to your customers.
  • Be active and engaging on social media so followers can get answers to their questions there.
  • Remind customers when they are due for their next appointment with your business.
  • Keep track of customer transaction history so you can be strategic and helpful through your communication with them.
  • Be as quick as possible to respond to text messages from your customers.

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