Don’t rely on luck to get repeat customers. Gaining repeat business from loyal customers does not come easily. Businesses have to take initiative to bring in the 7x more revenue and profit that loyal customers offer. These tips will help you create strong connections and provide positive customer experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

1. Proactive customer engagement is key. Make sure you reach out to your customers on a regular basis, with messages that pertain to them and their needs. Keeping track of what services customers have needed from you in the past is the best way to provide helpful communication in the future. Don’t forget to listen to their feedback, while you’re at it.

2. Make sure your customer experiences are positive. Going above and beyond for customers is the new normal. People no longer work with a business simply because of the services they offer. If your customers do not feel valued and that their experience with your business was personalized, they are likely to go elsewhere the next time.

3. Build strong connections with your customers. Let them know you truly value their business by sending out a thank-you message after each service. Respond to reviews that your customers leave for your business online, whether they are good or bad. Respond quickly to customers when they reach out to your business and make it easy for them to contact you through whichever means they prefer (phone call, text, webchat, etc.)

4. Make it convenient for customers to do business with you. Does your business currently offer 27/7 webchat? Are you available through text? Do you have a way to store incoming text and social media messages so they don’t get lost in the mix? Are you quick to respond and get customers in for service? These are all things that customers today have come to expect from the businesses they work with. Convenience is a driving factor in which businesses customers will choose, so make working with you as convenient as possible.

Continue to mold your business around meeting customers’ needs and expectations and you’ll be well on your way to repeat customers that keep your business thriving.

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