Generational Marketing applies to molding your marketing methods and collateral based around the specific generation you are targeting. As often as people joke about the differences between the different generations, it’s actually quite true that there are big differences. From the way they were raised to the technology they grew up with, people will be most susceptible to marketing methods that are specific to their values and lifestyle, which has much to do with the generation they’re in. Generation X is in its own ballpark. Placed between the generation of just snail mail and physical marketing, and the generation of mostly technology based marketing, Generation X is a generation that appreciates a mixture of both.

Send Emails

While many Generation X’ers are on social media, the social media usage by them is not nearly as high as it is when it comes to millennials. While focusing on social media is still valuable and a great source for reaching your potential customers, emailing is a potentially better route for this specific group. Emailing is something that is used frequently by Gen-x and is a great way to reach them through your marketing efforts.

Focus on Responsibilities

Generation X is known for being the responsible generation. Their priorities include providing for their families and taking care of themselves. When you are reaching out to this group through your marketing, focus on that! Instead of revolving your marketing around the hottest new gaming or dating app, like you might for millennials, focus more on responsibilities as a priority. Remember, they are big on families and saving money– these things can both be used in effective marketing campaigns.

Be Authentic

Tell the truth, and be straightforward in your marketing to Gen-x. They are a group that appreciates authenticity and honesty. If you are advertising your business a certain way, be sure it’s authentic and true. People, in general, will appreciate this!

Video Marketing

If you’re not sure about email marketing or you don’t have the best written content, make a video! Focusing on video marketing appeals to all generations, and Gen-x is no exception. Create a solid video advertising your products or services and sell your business to them through a short and to-the-point video. It doesn’t need to be dry, but it also doesn’t need to be full of potentially time-wasting fluff.

Play it Safe

Once again, unlike millennials, when you advertise to Gen-x, you should play it safe. When you are sending out marketing collateral to millennials, the shock factor or humor are usually sure ways to reach them. However, with Gen-x this method isn’t always as appreciated. Again, you don’t need to be dry, instead just focus on being straightforward and steer clear of any potentially offensive humor!

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