As we all know, Facebook is a very effective tool for your business. What you might not know, however, is that you can create custom ads for your business and target your ideal audience. Facebook ads are a great tool for any business owner trying to get their name out there, trying to gain more followers, or trying to advertise something specific. How can you make sure you are being as effective as possible with your Facebook ad campaigns? Here are helpful hints:

Add Discounts to Your Ads

If you are running a current special or deal, make sure you broadcast that in your Facebook ads. People love saving money (duh!) and if they see an advertisement about a current discount they can receive, that will really draw their attention. When creating your ads, think about anything you are doing now or in the future that you can advertise to quickly draw attention!

Create Engaging Content

Your content should be interesting and worth your audience’s time. When they read your ads, they should feel like they got something out of it instead of just being spammed with more ads online. Target the correct audience, and create content that will appeal to them. If you want people to pay attention to your ads, come up with content that is attention-grabbing and something they can engage with!

Use Your Branding

All too often we see businesses creating Facebook ads and instead of sticking to their own logo, they try to use other images that they feel are more attention-grabbing. Don’t do this! You can absolutely add other colors and images to the ad itself to get more attention to it. However, don’t lose your branding in the process. People will recognize your logo, and become confused if they see you haven’t used it, or you’ve used other images in its place. Sticking to your branding means you are keeping the same branding you use for your business across all online pages and profiles.

Share Positive Feedback

If you have lots of positive reviews and feedback, use it to your advantage! Take blurbs out of your positive reviews and include them on your Facebook ads to ensure people are seeing how highly recommended your business is. Sharing positive feedback will help you, and the customer. People will likely search for your reviews before using your business anyway, so save them a step and post the feedback right there in your ads!

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