The term ‘Millennials’ encompasses a large group of people who are typically the front-runners when it comes to technology usage. They are likely your target audience for many of your goods or services, and it’s important that you market to, and engage with them in a way that they will resonate with them. So what do you need to do to ensure your social media is up to par with the social media masters? Here are some tips…

Stream Live Video

The ability to live-stream video on social media is fairly new. Because of this, millennials were the first to jump on and start live-streaming to their friends. Now, it’s quite popular among businesses as well, and many people jump on to watch businesses doing live tutorials, introductions, or informational videos. Whether you own a landscaping business, a plumbing business or a bakery, you can absolutely find something that you can live-stream about and catch people’s attention. For example, you can do a quick tutorial to teach someone the most effective way to kill weeds using products they might have around the house, or you can answer common plumbing-related questions, or make a video showing the baked goods that are available for the day. Make it casual and friendly, and encourage questions! This is a great way to add new followers to your social pages, especially millennials.

Make it Funny and/or Modern

The best way to reach millennials is through humor, and the media. Whichever route you choose to take, you will definitely grab some attention. Post a meme tying your business in with the latest funny video that has gone viral. Or post a funny quote by a celebrity that you can somehow relate to your industry. Keeping it funny and modern will ensure millennials are looking at your posts!

Create Targeted Ads

If you have created something awesome and you want to reach as many millennial-aged people as possible with it, create a sponsored ad on Facebook and target the right group! You can choose age, gender, location and even interests of Facebook users and target them so they are likely to see your ads. Figure out your perfect customer, and go from there.

Keep Content Fresh

Like I mentioned before, millennials are the masters of social media. In order to achieve that status, they have to spend lots of time online looking through their social pages. Keep your content original and fresh so you can grab and hold their interest. If people feel like you are posting the same information or photos over and over again, they will likely unfollow your page due to lack of interest. Keep it modern, updated and fresh!

Remember, when you’re targeting millennials on social media, you are targeting the group that uses social media the most, and is the most familiar with it. Stay up-to-date and follow these tips to ensure that you stand out to millennials on social media.

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