The holidays are a time for relaxation, family and fun. When you’re a business owner, it can be really hard to get away from work and enjoy a little R&R. It’s important to keep yourself happy and healthy when running a business, or your hard-work will suffer with you. We want you to enjoy yourself this holiday season! Here’s how a workaholic, like yourself, can do just that:



The first step to getting a break from your work is to unplug. If you need to turn your phone off for a few hours, or even just avoid checking your email/voicemails, then do it. It’s important to take a break from the mental exhaustion of running a business, just as much as the physical.


Let your customers know you’re taking a break over the holidays by creating an automated email response, and leaving it in your voicemail. Tell your customers you’ll get back to them as soon as you can after the holiday so you don’t leave them hanging. The first step to relaxing… unplug!


Automate Your Business

Whether it’s an email response, social posts or review requests.. AUTOMATE! This is the key to letting yourself relax and have a stress-free holiday. Your business keeps running and everything continues as it should, but you get to remain hands-off. Automating all tasks possible will make your life easier, not just through the holidays, but always. has some great tips for quick and easy business automation, you can read about those here.


Delegate Work

You hired employees to help you, so let them do just that. Too often business owners are afraid to let things out of their hands for fear it will be done wrong. You can’t relax if you feel like you need to do everything. Trust the employees you hired enough to delegate work to them. It’s good for your employees to feel that you trust them and their abilities, and it’s good for you to get a break from all of the responsibilities. Delegation is the key to success!


Have a happy and relaxing holiday!

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