We get it, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re busy! It’s not uncommon for business owners to lose themselves in their work, and quickly start living an unbalanced life. However, in order to be happy, it is important to let yourself have some freedom to do other things.


Being mindful of your business’ needs, as well as your own personal needs is the perfect recipe for success. That is easier said than done, so where can you start?


Take Time Away

This is a scary thought for business owners. Taking time away from your work and unplugging to focus on yourself, your family, your hobbies, etc. is necessary. It can be really hard to do when you know that the business relies on you and you are the brains behind the whole operation. The best thing you can do is take baby steps toward taking time away and unplugging. That looks different for different entrepreneurs, but some good places to start would be:

Work from Home Once/Month

Only Allow Yourself to Check your Email One Time/Night

Take Adequate Lunch Breaks

Separate Your Work Phone from Your Personal Phone


Any of those options would be a great place to start. Soon enough you might even catch yourself taking a work-free vacation, which will be well-deserved!


Focus on Hobbies

We know you’re passionate about your work- that’s why you started a business in the first place. However, once you start your own business, that becomes work instead of a hobby. In order to remain happy and healthy, you should focus on allowing yourself some time to work on hobbies that are stress-free and enjoyable for you. Sometimes entrepreneurs become so busy with their lifestyle, they don’t even know where to start with new hobbies. Here are some of our favorite suggestions:








Attend Family Events

Your family members will thank us for this one! You deserve a break and you should let yourself take that break to enjoy your family members. If you have a child with an upcoming soccer game, this could be your perfect opportunity to unplug for a couple of hours and enjoy some time with your family. These types of events are perfect refreshers to get you recharged and ready to focus on your business again. Taking breaks will only help your business, because taking care of yourself is the first step to ensuring that your business is well taken care of.


Be Mindful

Being mindful of yourself and what relaxes you and brings you joy is the key to happiness. When you are mindful, you are paying attention to what’s going on and enjoying the present moment. Meditation is a great idea for anyone who is stressed and/or overworked, and entrepreneurs are at the top of that list.


If you incorporate mindfulness into everything you do, you’ll catch yourself being much more aware of how you’re feeling and what your needs are. We found some great ideas for incorporating mindfulness into your everyday activities, and you can read all about them here.


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Focusing on yourself and trying to live a more balanced life will help you and your business to remain healthy and successful.

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