Join us on Facebook this Thursday, March 29 at 12:00PM MST as Jay Bean, CEO and Founder of FreshLime, answers your burning questions about being an entrepreneur and how to successfully start/run a business. The best part, this information is very valuable and completely free to you! Jay will address:

How to Effectively Start a New Business

Keys to Successfully Running a Business

Tips for Small Business Owners

and we’ll even have a Q&A session at the end!

Here’s a little more about Jay and his business endeavors:


Jay Bean is a focused and innovative entrepreneur with 20 years of online marketing and digital experience. He has a proven record of growing businesses with his singular vision. In 1999 Jay founded ah-ha .com and was a key driver that helped the company become one of the early-stage companies in the Pay-Per-Click advertising space. After the company was acquired by Marchex in February 2003, Jay held several executive leadership positions including President of International Operations in Dublin, Ireland. After his executive tenure at Marchex, Jay moved on to start local online marketing company OrangeSoda .com in 2007. Shepherding the company as the CEO through its significant growth trajectory, until its acquisition by Deluxe Corp in early 2012. Later, Jay left his position as Chief Strategy Officer at Deluxe in June 2014 to serve as the Chief Executive Officer for FreshLime. He was named a finalist in the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Jay has a passion for building solutions for small and local business, and for solving marketplace pain points with forward-thinking technology.


We’re excited to hear your questions and learn from small business expert, Jay Bean, at 12PM MST on March 29! You can view the video on FreshLime’s facebook page:


See you there!