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What does FreshLime do?

  • Help business get more reviews
  • Simplify texting and webchat with customers

  • Help you be available whenever & however customers are looking to interact with your business.
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Get More Reviews

Ensure your brand is trusted online so leads will reach out when they need you. Turn existing customers into advocates by inviting them to share their amazing experiences with your business.
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SmartConnect QR Codes for Print Marketing

Make it convenient for your customers to start a conversation with you by adding a SmartConnect enabled QR code to business cards, front desk displays, mailers, stickers, and any other printed materials.

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WebChat for your Website and Google Business Profile

Don’t make your customers wait. Our automated, data-driven platform talks to your customers in real-time—even when you’re away from your office or phone.

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Email and Texting (SMS) Automation

By importing your contacts into your FreshLime account, you can run automated nurture and retention campaigns to stay top of mind and keep your customers coming back.
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