Yesterday as I celebrated our freedom at the Coeur d’Alene main street parade, I thought a lot about our small business clients I have had the honor of working with for the last few years. Lately I think about you all the time. I hear your success stories and your frustrations and I LOVE the stories you tell me of how you got started and your passion behind your business. Yesterday I especially felt the pride that comes along with owning a business and mostly because of the gratitude I feel that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want to do it.

We walked down the small town main street of this awesome Idaho lake town and met the business owners as we passed by. They all had a dream and living here in America enabled them with freedoms to follow that dream and open their own business. That’s so wonderful – I took my 2-year old daughter to get an ice cream cone and she was so sweet to my girl. She asked her all sorts of questions and gave her a cone with her favorite color ice cream. I’m glad this woman was able to open the store of her dreams because it made us happy that day and added to our memories of another awesome 4th of July.

Today I could write about marketing tips or how to grow your small business or how to get your customers to come back for more. But it feels more important to just reflect gratitude about how we have the freedom to own our businesses and make them into whatever we can. I’m grateful you can do that because we live in a free country. I know there are challenges and major hills to climb – especially for small business. We need better legislation and greater equal opportunity and it can’t be denied. But we need all of that because we exist. And that’s something to be very grateful for.

Every day I get excited about marketing for small business on behalf of FreshLime. It’s a great feeling to enjoy your work with all the time we put into it day in and day out. Hats off to you and happy birthday (one-day belated:) America. I couldn’t feel more proud!