Want to know how to use PokemonGo to grow your small business? Need the latest tips on how to use content marketing to get your customer base to come back for more? Want to win a bar of Hawaiian-grown chocolate from an awesome small business in Oahu, Manoa Chocolate Factory? Listen in to this week’s episode of Fresh Small Biz Marketing Tips with A&E and special guest Jay Bean, CEO of FreshLime.

Jay is an expert in all things small business marketing. After running 4 sunglass shops throughout the state of Utah he learned firsthand the struggles that small business owners face and set out on a entrepreneurial journey to create marketing technology to help them grow more efficiently.

We also had some great questions that came in toward the end of the show and we learned about a few new small businesses through tech, law, and photography in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Boston. We wanted to shout out a few of them so you can check them out!

MyTextJournal is a company based out of Salt Lake City run by Jennifer Miller. It’s a service that allows you to text in journal updates to a secure number that are accumulated and put into books that you can keep as journal keepsakes. Now you can do something with the notes you have in your phone of all the funny things your kids say and the things that happen to you every day. You can follow MyTextJournal on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Local Captures is a company based out of Boston, MA and takes passionate photographers at any level on tours to capture local beauty. Founded by Francois Gossieaux, award winning photographer, Local Captures hones your natural talent in the settings all around you on special curated tours. Check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.