As you already know because we scream it from the rooftops, we are obsessed with small business and anything that turns one time customers into lifetime, loyal, tried and true customers. It’s our passion! All day every day we take what we have learned and turn it into easy-to-digest content that will help your small business thrive is outstanding customer engagement, repeat business revenue, and all-around success.

So… with that we are resurrecting… (drum roll)… the FreshLime podcast! It’s called Fresh Small Biz Marketing with Amanda and Erin and we will be coming to you weekly with:

  • New guests
  • Small business marketing tips
  • Customer loyalty saavy
  • and lot’s of fun!

Tune in this morning at 9:30am MST – we will post the episode here afterward for any of you that might miss it the first time.

Thanks for being loyal – thanks for following – thanks for all your input and feedback! If there are topics you want us to cover or if you have a small business expert/enthusiast that would like to be a guest on the podcast, please email and we’ll get right on it!