Its a new year! Time to freshen up your online marketing this new year with FreshLime marketing solutions. Over the next two posts we’ll provide expert analysis and direction to keep your business fresh and visible helping you achieve results and reach new heights this year.

To help your business, here are the first two online marketing trends of 2016 that we will implement into your businesses marketing strategy.

1. Increase in Interactive Content
The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” if that’s the case then interactive content is priceless. In 2015, there was an increase in visual content, chats, and polls being included in marketing efforts through websites, social media posts, blogs, and emails.

At FreshLime, we understand this trend will continue and grow this year. Our goal, however, is to do more than simply spread entertaining content onto your marketing and communication platforms. With FreshLime, you can be assured the interactive content we create and share for you is strategically planned to fit the actual subject of your business with a specific message. This will result in meaningful and targeted content to meet a specific market. This will help better educate and motivate your current, and future customers to engage with your business online.

2. Email Marketing is still Hot!
The importance of email marketing is still relevant now more than ever and will continue to play a key role in your business’ marketing strategy. 73% of marketers say email marketing is a core part of their marketing strategy meaning your email campaigns must be optimized to break through the clutter and stand out. Through proper messaging, subject lines, and interactive content geared towards a specific audience, you will be able to capitalize on the email marketing campaigns we implement for you.

Wait… there’s more!

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