This post is the continuation of our previous list of top online marketing trends of 2016. If you missed our previous post click here to catch up. Here are the last two of the top four trends.
3. Be Mobile Ready
     According to Google, mobile searches have surpassed desktop searching in 2015. This trend will continue to become the norm as a larger portion of the population continues to spend more time and money on mobile technologies. In order to ensure that your business is ready to take the next step, and take advantage of the mobile space, FreshLime will ensure your business’ website and email campaigns are mobile friendly and optimized to respond to any screen size.
4. Increased Social Media Marketing
      Most professional services have social media accounts set-up but, often times, they are not using these excellent marketing tools to their full potential. With the assistance of FreshLime, we will ensure you aren’t riding the bench of social media marketing but instead getting out and playing the field to increase engagement with all current and future customers.
    There are two major ways to get active on social media in 2016. First, a relevant audience must be developed. It’s one thing to gain a million followers and throw out social posts with the hope that someone views and responds to your social media efforts; It’s another to develop a targeted audience of followers that will actually follow your content and engage with your business. The benefits of using this approach range from increased business to enhanced customer relationships and a stronger potential for future business transactions.
    The second way to increase the effectiveness of social media marketing efforts is to attract the right audience. Constantly posting pictures of cute animals won’t attract an audience that is likely to lead to business relations. With FreshLime, we specifically plan your posts to fit a specific subject that is relevant to your audience and designed around leaving a lasting impression. In turn, our efforts will help you create a footprint for an audience that will hopefully turn into new sales.