For the past couple of years, we have been very focused building solutions that make it easy for locally focused business owners to build and manage great customer relationships. Today we are excited to announce some very exciting news for our 2-year old retention marketing start-up.  We acquired Dasheroo – a venture backed San Francisco based company dedicated to delivering easy-to-understand data analytics to small business.

We’ve been watching Dasheroo since they went live in 2015. They have built one of the most intuitive, rich small business data analytics dashboards we’ve seen on the market. Data is no longer scary for SMBs with Dasheroo’s simple way of creating detailed KPI Dashboards and Insights. It’s understandable and easy to use. And with FreshLime, it’s actionable and it drives meaningful results for the small business.

Today FreshLime’s retention marketing platform connects the dots between online and offline marketing efforts to offline transactions to drive new purchases, online reviews, referrals, and more loyal customer relationships. We simplify their business data and provide alerts and new opportunities based on that data to help the business connect with their customers and drive sales. It’s easy. And it’s been driving 10-30x ROI for 99% of our client base.

Tomorrow we will be able to bring that business intelligence and drive the same kind of results to the tens of thousands of Dasheroo customers that have enjoyed the benefit of greater insight into their business. Now they can act on it and it will drive their business to new levels. The same level that enterprise has been able to achieve for the last decade. It’s game-changing and we are excited to be the technology platform powerful enough to bring it to the millions of small business that make their local economies thrive.

We are hosting a webinar this week where I will outline what this acquisition means for small businesses and all the features and benefits available to them now that FreshLime and Dasheroo are one team. You can register for the webinar HERE.

For additional info check out our press release HERE.