Your data is becoming increasingly more valuable. Your engagements are detailed and strategically targeted. And now, your dashboard is even easier to use and understand.


We’re really excited to share some big, new product enhancements that we know FreshLime users will love. We have improved our platform, and it will seriously benefit all of the hardworking business owners we work with.


Whenever we hear feedback about the dashboard, we listen and work hard to make sure it meets the needs of local, service-based business owners. We know that you’re busy and that’s why we want your experience in the FreshLime dashboard to be straightforward, easy to understand and full of useful information that will benefit your business.


What exciting changes did we make?

Created easy to understand visuals showcasing your business stats.

These rich, powerful visuals will make it quick and easy for business owners to find the answers to all of their questions with ease, such as:

  • How many reviews did my business receive this month?
  • How many loyal customers came back to my business this quarter?
  • Where do my customers find my business online?
  • And more!

Updated Customer Data & Insights

How many customers does your business have? How many of your customers are loyal and how many are new? Is your customer base continually growing? Our fresh updates will answer all of these questions for you in a visual breakdown that is full of all the information you need, without making it complicated.


EngagePro Stats

Now you can take just one glance at the dashboard and see how FreshLime is engaging with your customers, how your customers are responding to these engagements and how much revenue each engagement is bringing in to your business. We’ve made the dashboard much more visual, so the progress is obvious and straightforward.


Reviews Stats

Your online reputation is now easier than ever to follow and manage! The updates within FreshLime’s dashboard will showcase your average review score, as well as answer all of your review-related questions in an easy-to-understand, visual way.

Local Listings Stats

Track your online reputation simply by seeing where FreshLime has listed your business online, and which listings are fully-optimized. Know which listings are receiving the most customer actions and how many views your business is receiving through Google searches. The new enhancements also provide business owners with the opportunity to quickly make sure their information is accurate across the board.

Login now to your FreshLime account now to see all the great new enhancements! We are always looking out for your best interest, and we know that making your data easier to understand and follow is key to your success. Of course, if you have any questions about the new dashboard or if you’d like someone to run through it with you, reach out to your FreshLime Customer Success Manager or email us at


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