At just 28 years old, Josiah is the successful business owner of Wisconsin Natural Air Duct Cleaning & Mold Remediation. Josiah grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and watched his parents flip houses when he was younger. After going to college to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, he realized he wanted to do something different with his life. 

A Change in Career Paths

“Working in an office made me realize that It wasn’t for me,” Josiah told us. Josiah enjoyed talking to people, and thought he wanted to work in sales. After having a couple of office jobs in Arizona, he landed a job working for a carpet cleaning company. This particular job also offered air duct cleaning, and Josiah ultimately had to learn how to clean air ducts as part of this job. It was then that Josiah realized he enjoyed the air duct cleaning portion of the job. After a couple more months of training with a professional, Josiah decided to move back home to start his own business. 

“I Learned the Tricks of the Trade” 

Josiah learned quickly how to clean air ducts and he did it well. After being presented with a partnership opportunity, he decided to take a chance and expand his expertise. “College taught me how to research more than anything,” Josiah said. Learning the trade was just part of the beginning of Josiah’s business, everything else he had to learn himself. In August of 2020, Josiah bought out his partner and rebranded to Wisconsin Natural Air Duct Cleaning & Mold Remediation.

The Secret’s Out

“You just have to set yourself apart, focus on what makes you marketable as a company, person, product, or service.” For Josiah, he has the friendly hometown personality you would want when working with a business, and the expertise you can trust with getting the job done. Cleaning vents is not an easy task, and Josiah prides himself with using all natural, safe, environmentally friendly products. You spend eight plus hours a day sleeping at home, dirty vents can harbor harmful dust, mold and bacteria. That’s why Josiah is so passionate about what he does, and they say when you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

What Makes You Unique?

“I’m in a field where I see how this affects people, and I’m very passionate about it.” Josiah believes that the marketing aspect of any business comes into play when people see how passionate you are about what you do. His deep cleaning process helps eliminate many of the factors that contribute to the air quality in homes or businesses, which is why he loves being able to provide a service that is helping others improve both the air quality they breathe and the quality of their health.

A Successful Business During 2020 

“Everything has been going very well for us,” Josiah told us. Though 2020 was not an easy year for any of us, Josiah was able to utilize the FreshLime platform to keep both his credibility and interactions with his customers ongoing. “It honestly has been one of the best things I’ve paid money for. I get people that call me all the time.” Since starting with FreshLime, Josiah has generated over sixty plus online reviews and countless interactions with both new and existing customers. 

Wisconsin Natural Air Duct Cleaning is a local Air Duct, Dryer Vent, Furnace, and Chimney cleaning company. They offer the best equipment, techniques, and expertise in keeping your air system clean and healthy.

To find out how your business can benefit from FreshLime just like Wisconsin Natural Air Duct Cleaning & Mold Remediation has, set up a free 15-minute demo today!


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