Did you know that you can ask your Amazon Echo for operating hours of certain businesses near you? It’s getting easier and easier for consumers to find out valuable information about local businesses, which means it’s getting easier and easier for local businesses to be in front of those consumers. According to Bloomberg.comAmazon.com Inc. is adding the hours, addresses and phone numbers of more than 1 million business locations to its Alexa digital-assistant platform so customers can access the information via voice command.

Business Listings & Directories

Because Amazon is adding this feature full of business listings and directories, it’s almost absurd how easy it is for YOUR customers, who use Alexa, to find your business and the appropriate information they need to utilize you. What does that mean for business owners? That now people can access your business information from somewhere even more convenient than their fingertips– their words.


Consumers are happy to know that now they can ask Alexa, “How much does a new washer cost?” as well as, “Alexa, what is the phone number to ____ Plumbing?” Guess what? That could be your business whose information is being provided to these consumers! The easier it is for your customers and potential customers to gather the information they need about your business, the more likely they are to contact you. Amazon’s addition of business listings and directories to the features of their Alexa is beneficial for consumers and business owners alike.

If you want to find out more about the update and how it benefits you, as a business owner: check out this article.

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