Does your business have a way to capture every customer who visits your website, impress them with a personalized first impression, and collect lead information for better sales opportunities?

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Connecting with potential and existing customers real-time in the past has been time consuming and has required hiring teams of people to cover your bases around the clock. Without the right resources in place, customers who visit your website, social media pages, or anywhere they can find you online will bounce to the next competitor who is ready and willing to take that customer’s information and business from you.

Bottom line – if customers can’t connect with you 24 hours a day and get the answers they need, they will go somewhere else. That’s the on-demand digital world we live in today.

FreshLime’s ChatBot allows your business to:

  • Use AI-driven chatbots to deliver stellar customer service 24/7/365
    • Sleep easy knowing your chatbot is working around the clock to help customers get the answers they need, when they need it.
  • Collect contact information for new leads so you can follow up immediately
    • Instantly receive conversation summaries, so you can quickly convert new leads into new customers.
  • Strengthen existing relationships with current customers
    • If customer service is a top priority for your business, don’t leave your valued customers hanging! Keep them happy and coming back by providing answers to important questions immediately.
  • Use automation to save time and money, without sacrificing personalized customer service
    • Chatbots don’t need to sound like robots. Customize the messages you deliver with the uniqueness of your brand and company’s personality.

Key Features

Simple set up! Customize your chatbot in seconds, right within your FreshLime account.

  • Upload your own logo
  • Choose your branding colors
  • Add your business-specific answers to commonly asked questions
  • Add the chatbot to your website in just a few clicks.
  • Easily make updates/edits to your chatbot whenever you’d like

Real-time notifications so you can respond right away

  • Get instant email and SMS alerts when a new chatbot conversation has finished
  • View the full conversation transcript to see all the questions that were asked and important topics that were discussed
  • Follow up with your new leads and existing customers to keep the conversation going

Track chatbot performance and activity

  • View summary and trending data of chatbot conversations over time
  • See how many new leads are generated
  • See how many conversations took place with existing customers

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