How do you know if your small business is getting the most out of Google? This is FREE, small business owners – FREE! If people search your business does a listing pop up? Can people see you on a map and look at reviews?

Try it yourself. Google your business. See what comes up.

If it’s confusing and not listed straightforward, then you have some work to do (or we can do it for you – shameless FreshLime plug).

It includes filling out an online application, getting a postcard in the mail and registering your business.

Once you are on Google, what is the most valuable thing you can do to optimize your business?

Your reviews.

9 out of 10 customers that take the time to google a plumber in Canton, Ohio will look at the reviews for each plumber. You want to make sure that you are showing up sooner than your competitors and that your reviews reflect that service. There are 3 keys to doing just that:

  1. Ask for a review at the end of a service if you think it went really well. The best thing you can do to boost reviews is to strike while the iron is hot. Leave behind your business card and something that includes a link to where they can leave the review.
  2. Get their email and ask if they prefer email or text updates (or both) to remind them when they need a new service, when you are running a deal, etc. If they don’t leave you a review within a few hours after you leave their residence they will need a reminder, and you can send that via email or text with a direct link making it easy for them.
  3. Offer an incentive like a discount on their next service or something of value to them if they leave you a review.

Of course, there are always the reviews that you don’t want showing up on your certified Google page. There are ways to avoid those as well. But you will need a service to filter those out. Check out FreshLime – schedule a free 10 minute demo with Sarah if you want to learn more.