Are you a small business owner with big hopes of getting more out of Twitter in the months to come?

While you may have fallen short of your goals in the past, now’s not the time to give up on Twitter. Instead, double down in an attempt to find a strategy that will give your small business the boost it needs.

Here are five tips for getting on track:

1. Tweet More Often

These three words could be the difference between success and failure on Twitter.

If you’re sharing one update a week you can’t expect much in terms of engagement and customer growth.

Conversely, if you’re tweeting several times per day, you’re doing everything you can to reach your audience.

Tip: don’t tweet just to tweet. Make sure you have something of substance to share (more on this below).

2. Share Photos and Videos

Written content is a big part of Twitter success, but you also need to share photos and videos every now and again (hopefully on a daily basis).

For example, if you own a home renovation company, you could post photos of your latest projects or videos of you getting down and dirty.

Get this: more than 80 percent of Twitter users watch video content. What are you waiting on?

3. Respond to Everyone

From good reviews to bad reviews to simple mentions of your business, get into the habit of responding to everyone.

Not only does this show that your company provides good customer service, but it can also help grow your following and customer base.

4. Offer Something of Value

There are many ways to go above and beyond on Twitter.

For example, a restaurant could share a “buy one get one” coupon to entice locals to stop by for a bite to eat.

Or maybe you share a killer video detailing your latest product or service. This type of content can be extremely valuable to your audience.

As noted above, you shouldn’t strive to share as many updates as possible. You should strive to share something of great value.

5. Follow Your Customers

The more time you spend on Twitter the more interaction you’ll have with your customers and those who are interested in your company.

Do yourself a favor and follow these people. This shows that you’re interested in them. It also improves the likelihood that they’ll stay in touch with your business.

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