Every small business who has spent money advertising their products or services knows that some of the advertising works and some of it does not. The real problem has been there is no way for them to really know the difference. For the entire history of advertising (both online and offline) for locally focused SMB’s the attribution has been tied to a phone call, store visit, or other form of introduction. For the small business owner a phone call or store visit is not enough. They are really focused on the actual transaction.

The current form of Advertising Attribution will soon come to an end. While advertising companies have done the best that they could limited tracking the time has come where we can see past the last click, or call. With Full Funnel Attribution on the rise, more business owners are looking for tools to see where and when their advertising is working and where it is not.

This week at the BIA/Kelsey Next Conference in LA we were able to show for the first time our INSIGHT Platform. This platform is a real time Transaction Attribution solution for the local services space. We are able to tie the SMB’s marketing, engagement, and transaction data together to create insights that will help them make better marketing, business and tactical decisions.

Most small businesses don’t have the resources to complete extensive data analysis or to build complex dashboards. Although they need insights that will help them make better marketing, and customer engagement decisions. FreshLime has been able to simplify this data aggregation for small business owners, and to give them the actionable insights they need to maximize their marketing and customer engagement efforts.

In the coming weeks we will write more about the solutions we have built and what impact this will have on the services space.

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