Google+ is a social media network that is owned and run by Google, and currently has over 300 million users. It’s similar to Facebook or Twitter, in that you can choose who you share with and whose updates you see, as well as sharing updates about your own business. Google+ is a great tool to help your business’ rankings on Google. When someone searches for your business (or industry), they can see your Google+ page with all of your updates, as well as important information and reviews.

So why is Google+ so important for your business to have?

Ranking Benefits

When you create a Google+ profile for your business, you’re not just creating another social media page. Though it is a social media page, it is also a way to increase your rankings online. As you know, Google is the top search engine, with the most users. When you create a social media profile using Google’s platform, you’ll be rewarded with higher rankings on their search engine. This won’t be immediate, but the more you post to your Google+ page and keep it updated, the better.

Promote Brand Awareness

Each profile you create for your business online helps you to promote brand awareness. Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook, but it does have its fair share of users. Businesses do well when it comes to utilizing Google+, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to encourage your own brand awareness. Make sure your page shows off your logo and photos of your work. Make it recognizable to someone who has used your business in the past.

Create Connection Segments

This is a great feature of Google+! You are able to segment your connections (or followers) into different groups. For example, you could create a group that is just your current loyal customers, and create one that is just future customers, or people who have yet to use your business. That way, when you share content you can focus on your specific groups. Write a post about a new-customer special and share it just with that group. Then, write one thanking your loyal customers and offer a loyalty perk for that group. Connection segments are a great feature for any business on Google+!

Categorize Content

Just like with Facebook and Instagram, you can categorize your content on Google+ by using hashtags. This is a good way to keep your updates organized, while also making sure your business shows up when specific keywords (hashtags) are searched for. This is another great tool that is especially beneficial for businesses on Google+.

Of course, remember when you are creating and updating your Google+ page to keep information relevant and up-to-date. Post high quality photos that display your great work, and keep your posts regular!

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