Changes to the way businesses communicate with customers via SMS are here! Build trust with customers and increase engagement with your FreshLime number or text-enabled landline by registering it as a sanctioned 10DLC number. 

As a leader in business messaging, FreshLime is committed to helping businesses create convenient customer interaction. 10DLC is an additional safeguard and benefit to your business. Protect your brand reputation, reduce the risk of non-compliance, boost open rates, personalize 2-way conversations, and send mass texts with FreshLime, a reliable carrier-sanctioned solution.

There are several benefits to this updated way of texting customers, including:

Keeping Conversations Flowing

Deliver a five-star customer experience across multiple channels.

Long codes are a powerful way to enhance trust and improve brand recognition with local, recognizable phone numbers. You can even choose your area code, when available. With 10DLC, you only need one number for customers to reach your business. Enabling two-way conversation by calling or texting makes it convenient for customers to interact with your business whenever and wherever they are.  Enjoy quick onboarding and setup for your first FreshLime 10DLC (10-digit long code) number. 

Improving Customer Experience

Get higher throughput and delivery rates.

Create a seamless experience for customers, making it easier and more convenient to interact with your business between calls and text messages. 10DLC helps businesses confidently send text messages to their customers individually or at scale with a local phone number, improving customer engagement and experience. Whether you send a few messages a day or an SMS campaign to a large customer list. 10DLCs are faster, more reliable, and trusted by customers. At a relatively low cost compared to dedicated shortcodes, 10DLC opens up more messaging opportunities for your business. 

Big Brand Advantage Small Brand Price

Get the benefits of a Shortcode for a lot less!

All the security and reliability of a shortcode without the high cost. 10DLC is designed to replace shared shortcodes with an affordable alternative for businesses. Communication providers vet brands and campaigns, assess risk, and ensure proper usage to avoid unintentional spam filtering. As with shortcodes, each mobile operator may have its own rules, processes, and fees. Because numbers are pre-approved by mobile network operators, messages sent on these numbers are more likely to reach the recipient than with regular local numbers. FreshLime ensures that your brand and campaign types are registered to fit your needs and vetting score.  Depending on details of your brand and campaign use case for your 10DLC number, you can potentially send SMS message volumes reaching those of more expensive shortcodes for much less. 

Obtain Your Trust Score

Stay connected to meet customers where they are.

Carriers want to be sure that their customers will not receive unwanted, dangerous, and spam-like text messages. Therefore, they ask for detailed information about your company and its SMS use cases. The registration and vetting process quickly identifies bad actors which ultimately preserves high industry response rates and reduces spam text across the board. We’ve made it easy to set up and register your brand, FreshLime numbers, and text-enabled landline for 10DLC. We’ll help you submit information about your brand and campaign types to receive a trust score from an independent rating agency. Trust scores range from 1 to 100. Carriers use this to determine your throughput per second (TPS).

FreshLime is Your Campaign Service Provider

Get started today!


FreshLime is a registered Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry. A2P 10DLC is a universal change for all business texting providers. We help current customers register their brands and determine their use cases (campaign types) for campaign registration. Having a long code builds your brand reputation with customers. Once you decide to move forward with registration, we will help you through the process from beginning to end to ensure that it’s complete.

Important Takeaways:

  • Text from a recognized local area code
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Improved deliverability and throughput
  • A regulated channel protected from spam
  • Text and call on the same phone number

If you are not a current FreshLime customer but are considering adding business messaging to your communication strategy with customers, contact us today and we can walk you through 10DLC and our solutions.


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