Can Plumbers Really Interact With Their Customers? 

I know what you’re thinking, what plumber sends their customer an email? Well, that’s a fairly simple answer – the smart ones. 

You’ve just finished unclogging a sewer line for a brand new customer. Your customer is satisfied and you happened to collect their email address. What would happen if you were to interact with this customer the following month? 

Engagement through Email Marketing 

If you were to send a previous customer an email with tips to keep your money from going down the drain, what would be the outcome of that interaction? Well, there is a good chance the reader of the email will be intrigued by the title and want to read your content. After reading the email, your customer remembers the plumbing job you completed for them and decides they need to use your services again. With this one digital interaction, you have now created a loyal customer with a fraction of the cost to acquire a new one. 

We don’t know of many people who save their plumber’s phone numbers, that is why engaging with your customers is extremely crucial in maintaining customer loyalty. When you continue to connect with your customers, you are strengthening the relationship you have with them. Informative and relevant digital marketing brings awareness and consideration to the reader to make a purchase. Through email marketing, you can drive traffic to your website and create customer advocacy. Since emails can be forwarded, a loyal customer is likely to forward your email to a friend who needs a plumber. 

With email marketing leading to website traffic, and other online business assets such as Facebook, your online presence matters to the consumer. Which brings up our next question, does a plumber really need a Facebook page? Well, let’s just say you’ll need one almost as much as you’ll need a plunger. Social media can be used as a free form of advertising, and it proves to be a great way to interact with your customers. Your online presence matters and your credibility depends on it. 

We will all need a plumber at one point in our lives, and the truth is we will need one more than once. Whether it’s because our toddler flushed a whole container of baby wipes down the toilet, or our husband clogged the kitchen sink with cooking grease, having a reliable plumber is essential. If customer interaction is nonexistent, the chances of you losing that customer are high. With the right email marketing strategy, you can rely on creating opportunities for your plumbing business to grow and succeed.Through data-driven communication, one-time purchasers will covert into your loyal ones.


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