Have you heard of Facebook? Well so have 1.4 billion active users worldwide. The potential for using social media as a marketing tool for your small business is huge and Facebook is only one of many social media platforms out there.

All too often, business owners just like you eagerly jump online with hopes of capturing an audience only to realize that they don’t know the first thing about how to engage people through social media.

Effective social media campaigns require some thought.

Here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What platforms are they actively using?
  • What kind of content should I post?

Engaging with customers or potential customers through social media should be as easy as breathing. That is to say, the conversation should be natural, with a targeted intent. Don’t sound like a broken record and only ever post a sales pitch. Let’s be honest, no one willingly shows up to an Amway meeting, they show up for the food they were promised.

Take a second to show your customers you value them and ask for their opinions. Survey customers about their likes and dislikes of a particular product or service. Make them feel involved in your business. Run a contest to encourage likes, +1s and retweets. Give something away. Post helpful tips and share content you think your users will find engaging.

If you’re unsure of what social media platforms to start using, do some research before spending countless hours posting in no man’s land. Survey your customers and find out which platforms they’re using. Create a sign up list in store or send an email requesting feedback.

Happy Hunting!