Offline conversations with customers are great, right? Chatting with a customer while you’re at their door or leaving behind a business card when you leave so they can contact you again in the future are both important parts of doing business and selling. However, offline conversations can only take you so far, and then you need something that can keep the customer loyalty going strong. 

What are the benefits of online interactions?

  • Convenience: Over 70% of consumers agree that convenience is one of the most important factors when choosing a company to work with. 
  • Data Storage: Keeping track of your data is a very important part of making your business successful. Understanding your customers’ purchase history and transactional data, as well as knowing their contact information is key to creating a strong relationship with each customer. 
  • Connection: When a sales rep visits a homeowner who doesn’t answer the door, leaving behind a piece of collateral that contains a QR code to bring an offline interaction online keeps the conversation going. Connecting with customers on their terms and in the most convenient way possible shows them that they are valued.

How are offline interactions brought online?

Business owners and sales reps need to understand the importance of offline to online customer interactions, considering about 70% of consumer to business conversions take place online. It’s also important to not forget the 30% of interactions that are taking place through mailers, flyers and other physical advertising mediums. The future is now and  using smart QR codes to direct leads to the right place at the right time is the key to success. It is time to bring all of your offline interactions with leads or customers to an online platform (text, email, webchat or other messaging apps.)

Turning offline conversations into online conversions is important and much easier than it seems. Keeping track of customer data and having regular conversations online is what makes businesses and sales reps thrive in today’s world. 

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