It’s a great idea for your business to have a strong social media presence. For example, you can give your small business a big boost with the help of these Twitter tips.

However, there’s something you need to know: there’s more to social media than posting updates and hoping for the best.

You must be prepared to answer customer questions, as they are sure to come your way as you spend more time on social media.

Since you take great pride in providing a high quality customer service experience, you don’t want to let a single question go unanswered. It’s important to provide a clear response to every inquiry, even if a customer is unhappy with your service.

Here are five customer service questions that could be presented to you on social media:

  • What’s the best way to contact you to schedule an appointment? This often comes into play for service based businesses, as customers may not always navigate to your website to dig up this information.
  • I need to report a problem, what’s the best way of doing so? You never want to hear that something has gone wrong, but this is bound to happen at some point. Upset customers deserve the same level of attention as happy customers, so make sure you provide an answer as quickly as possible. You don’t want to let a problem linger.
  • Can you provide more information on [any product or service you offer]? If you own a restaurant, someone may ask for information on the ingredients you use in a particular dish. If you’re a plumber, you may have to field requests about the type of material you use.
  • Do you have any photos you can share with me? Again, this is more common in some industries than others. Landscaping companies, for instance, are always sharing photos as a way of showing off their work. The same holds true for home remodeling companies.
  • What do you charge for [any product or service you offer]? Some companies have no problem answering this, while others want to skirt around the question until they’re able to secure more information. Regardless of what approach you take, make sure you provide the applicable answer.

While these are among the most common customer service questions you’ll field on social media, many others could pop up throughout the day. Make sure you’re ready to tackle each and every one!

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