In the year 2000, 52 percent of adults in the United States used the internet. Fast-forward to 2019 and this number has swelled to 90 percent.

As a business owner, you can’t ignore the power of the internet. It’s a great way to market your products and services, engage with your audience, and establish your brand as an industry leader – and that’s just the start.

Regardless of what your company has done in the past, there’s always room for growth when it comes to your online presence.

Let’s get down to business. Here are 10 strategies you can employ to immediately grow your online presence:

  • Redesign your website to better suit your target audience
  • Spend more time on social media
  • Get serious about online reviews
  • Start a corporate blog
  • Leverage your network
  • Develop your authority by sharing content on Medium
  • Get involved with offline events (yes, this will help you grow online)
  • Learn more about PPC advertising
  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Rework your business plan with your new goals in mind

Take social media, for example. Go back in time 20 years and there was no Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Social media was in its absolute infancy at this point. It wasn’t until LinkedIn in 2002 and Myspace in 2003 that social media picked up steam.

Today, however, this has all changed. In addition to the 3+ billion people who now use social media, hundreds of millions of new people follow suit every year.

In other words, there’s still plenty of opportunity to increase your online presence to grow your business. Don’t wait any longer to get started!

For more insights on marketing strategy that actually works for small business, connect with Jay Bean, Founder of FreshLime and Small Business Marketing Expert on LinkedIn and Twitter. If any of these tips have helped you or if you have anything to add, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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