What do you do when a pandemic hits after your business has been open for only six months? Well, you adapt and keep going. 

Kelly grew up in Hawaii for the majority of her life. After college she moved around and eventually ended up working for an oil company. After doing that for several years, she decided to move back home to start a new adventure. 

How It All Started 

When Kelly moved back to Hawaii in 2017, she was ready to venture out with starting her own business – that’s when Waxing The City came into the picture. We asked Kelly why she chose a waxing studio, and she said, “I wanted something a little more girly”. Kelly had a lot of great experiences with other Waxing The City locations in the past, and she knew she wanted to bring those same experiences to Kailua.

A Pandemic Hits & What Do You Do?

The shop opened up in August of 2019, just months before an unexpected pandemic would change everything for Kelly. Her business was closed for a total of four months in 2020, which isn’t ideal for anyone, let alone a brand new business. “It was very scary. Customers were scared to leave their homes and our employees were scared to come to work.” Though it was a difficult time for Kelly and her team, she utilized the resources she had to prep her business for when it was time to open up again. 

“We were really lucky. Every single employee came back.” 

When Waxing The City opened up again both times, it was complete chaos – the good type of chaos. Every single minute of the day was filled with customers. When regulars become friends, customers want to support the businesses they love, and businesses want to be there for their customers. Waxing The City has a great location in Kailua, it’s located in a beautiful town with wonderful shops. When you come in for a service, it feels like a relaxing experience – you can even opt-in for a face mask while you get waxed! Now that’s what we call a good time. 

It’s better to be lucky than smart

“We’ve been doing better than we have ever been before. We came back stronger.” Kelly wasted no time in adapting to her customer’s needs and preferences. She’s also loved utilizing FreshLime’s platform to help her with her online visibility and credibility. Whether it’s through text, email, call, or other communication outlets, Kelly was prepared to adapt to what was needed to keep her business going. Her dad always said, “It’s better to be lucky than smart” – you just need to put in a little work and have some hope for the future. Kelly is a successful business owner, and she loves what she does. Her dad was right, sometimes being lucky is the key to success. 

For a waxing experience you’ll love, visit Waxing The City in Kailua, Hawaii. Their custom-formulated wax and soothing experience will leave you obsessed with their services. 

If you’d like to see how your business can benefit from FreshLime just like Waxing the City has, set up a free 15-minute demo today!



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