Why make contact with your customers during the holidays? Put simply: to show that you value their business. Believe it or not, reaching out to your customers matters and will likely pay off in repeat business down the road. Christmas and holiday cards are a tradition during this time of year, and offer a good excuse for you to let customers know of their importance and value to your business. Cards are relatively cost efficient,  and go a long way when it comes to keeping your business at the forefront of customer consideration. Taking the time to personalize the card somehow, with a short note or expression of gratitude, is also an excellent way to go the extra mile and is usually always appreciated.  You can also include some type of call to action like signing up for your free newsletter, etc.

The holidays are always a wonderful reminder to connect with the friends and family you love most, don’t hesitate to expand this circle to the people who keep your business running. Send cards to your customers to let them know you value their business and wish to earn it again in the future. Small gestures tend to end up being the ones that make the most impact, and while sending holiday cards may seem like a relatively simple thing to do, it can pay off in major dividends.

Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you: a holiday card isn’t anything special or unique, but it is “something”, and often that “something” is exactly what differentiates you from the competition.

Don’t think about it, send your cards to your customers today!

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