We all know that existing customers are much more profitable for a business than new customers. But how can you you be sure you’re making more money from those customers, and keeping them coming back? There are lots of positive ways to interact with your customers that will make them want to continue to use your business. There are a few things you can be, when it comes to working with your customers, that will bring the best results:


Don’t wait for your customer to have an emergency, and just hope they call you. Instead, be proactive and engage with your customers so they have your contact information readily available. Keeping your business fresh on their minds ensures that their business will be brought to you instead of your competitors. When you aren’t proactive, customers forget who they’ve worked with and will just search for a new business when they are in need. Keep earning their business by reaching out even when they aren’t contacting you for a service.


Get to know your customers as more than just a one-time customer. Talk with them while you are on the job, and get to know more about them. Being friendly, helpful and attentive while they are talking to you or asking you questions is the key to getting to know them on a personal level. When they feel they have a friendship with you, they are much more likely to return and spend more money with your business.


It’s easy to become so busy, when you’re running a busy, that you forget to return calls or emails. Try to answer your phone as frequently as possible, and if you do receive a voicemail or email, don’t delay in responding. The key to keeping customers coming back is communication, and this is a big one. If they are reaching out to you and you aren’t responding in a timely manner, they may feel like you are too busy or uninterested in completing a job for them. Try to be as responsive and available as possible for your customers, new and returning.

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