These days it’s really important as a small business owner to make sure you show up online in the best way possible. We’re talking:

  • Google searches
  • Facebook pages
  • Google listings
  • Online reviews – Google, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, etc.
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp
  • Random news hits

We live in the day and age where potential customers look for you – they want to know where you are, how you are showing up, and what other people have to say about your business. Yesterday we talked about how to get certified as a Google business. That’s important so when someone searches for a plumber in your hometown, you not only show up, but your contact information does as well. The easier it is for someone to find you the more business and repeat business you will bring in every year. (That means you can’t rely on a job well done and a business card for them to remember you – you have to be online).

In the simplest terms, you need to check your online visibility and clean up any mess or confusion, or bad review that’s out there. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Check your online visibility – Google 2 things to determine your initial visbility online. Your business name, and your industry and hometown. For example search #1 is “Erin’s Plumbing LLC” and search #2 is “plumber Kailua HI”. Take note of all the results that show up on the first page. Go back a few pages if you want but most people looking for a plumber won’t go past page 1. If you aren’t showing up, on the map as a listed business, then get on it! Or let FreshLime do the busy work for you:). Get a free demo with Sarah here.
  2. Clean up the mess – Sometimes it’s difficult to clean up a mess online – such as news articles or blog posts written about you in a negative light, bad reviews, etc. But if those kind of things do show up then there is something you can do – reach out to the author and have a conversation! Apologize if there was a problem with your service, and ask them to consider deleting or reversing their review. Work together to try and come up with a solution to improve your online reputation. It matters to potential customers and your bottom line revenue.
  3. Bad reviews – if you can’t contact someone that has left you a bad review, then you need to try and get as many great reviews as possible. We’re talking 5 Stars baby. Ask for them right after your service appointment. Follow up a week later if you don’t see anything. Most of all, be cool! Be yourself! Ask for help. People like to help people. Leaving you a review for a job well done takes someone 5 minutes and it makes you 5 times as much money from future customers that will see that review and decide to call you. Put yourself out there – it’s worth it. Trust us.

For an online visibility assessment free of charge reach out to me at and I’ll get it set up – sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to know what’s being said about you, and how you can improve your online game.